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There's a knot in my stomach that I can not untie
It is always there no matter how hard I try
How hard I try to get rid of it
But it always seem to be forever there
I can't get it to budge or shift
I want it to be gone before it spreads everywhere
And through my thoughts and through my dreams
And through the darkest times, it followed me
All this time inside has taken it's toll
For I do not have it under control
Prevents me from choosing decisions I wish to make
Because  afraid to make it worse with the risk that I take
It leaves my thoughts broken and scattered
And if my brain was made of glass it would appear to be shattered
Just like the lump in your throat that makes you cry
I have a knot in my stomach that I can not untie


@ Tayy,
This what i have just Read of
your`s is Vary,vary,Good ......


lovely xx

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