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Being Brave - Your WRITES

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I often hide away.
I know they judge me
I know they cause me pain.
But I also know I can't hide forever.
I am taking little steps to step outside more.
Slowly opening my door.
I think everyone gets to a point in their life when they need help
so I'm there now and I am brave enough to say I need help.
I was told 'Good on you'
so now let's see if any help comes
They give me lots of promises and I have heard them before
nothing and no one came to help
no one came through my door.
I always give so much and now I have nothing left
So I am standing up for me now
I'm not letting anyone tell me things can't be done.
I'm going to try new things and I am going to get things done.
It may take a long time but I am doing things myself.
Never felt so alone but I am stronger than before.
Too many tears have come and gone.
You want to see what I'm made of
you just watch what I can do.
I am going to surprise everyone of you.


remarkable as always xx

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