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Being in the closet. - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi guys this is me again...

I would like to talk about being in the closet.

I know how hard it is being in the closet, we´ve all been through that, but why?
Sorrowfully, the society is really narrow minded, they just care about seeing what other people have, do, eat, whatever and the can´t even see what we have inside of us.
That is what makes us feel scared of coming out of the closet.
And that is even worse when our parents and family is are against that, not because they don´t love us but they are just worried of being judged by the society.
I lived in the closet for 19 years. (I´m not officially out) but i told my mom and she is the only one who had to know it.
We feel and sometimes we are attacked by people judgements, discrimination and bullying once we come out of the closet. Maybe that is why some people don´t come out....
But i just ask "why things have to be like that?"..
It has to stop because we are humans and we don´t decide to be like that, that is not something to be discriminated.

People don´t feel good being in the closet... It is not the way our life should, as the straight people we need to show and feel care in public (i am not saying in a vulgar way).

To finish, i want you to know that even if you are in the closet you will always have a friend who is gonna be by your side supporting you.. Remember that you are not alone, God is with us... And i will help you as long as i can, i will try to be with you, you can talk to me when you have a problem or when you are sad, so if you have something to say, you need someone to talk to, remember that i am here for you.
I have nothing else to say but Good bye, May God bless you guys and Be good.


I am worried about you. I want you to know that people can change there views on gay men and women and you will be very surprised. Even though people say that they are against something doesn't mean that they really are. Sometimes they just go with it as that is what society tells them they have to do. Your family may be doing that and actually may surprise you and be very supportive of you. Like I told u before I was worried about how some in my some in my family would react because I thought the same way as you and well I was very surprised as to there reaction and acceptance of me. They still love me for who i am and not WHAT I am. so think about giving them a chance. You don't have to tell everyone, just those that you think will be the most supportive. I am sure there is someone.? I also found out something else. Your family is not always those that are blood relatives. They are the people in your life that mean more to you than anyone else. Do you have anyone like that? Try that way and see how that goes. I worry that you are going to do something crazy and it isn't worth it. You can miss out on a lot of wonderful opportunities in life and a chance of pure happiness. If anything and need someone to talk to, I am here, just message me and we can talk.


Hi Mark, hope you are doing great and thanks for your commentary.
I do not understand what i am gonna lose man.
I am not saying that i am gonna do something, i am just telling the things that we have to experience just for being gays and that is because the society is like this. and i know that is gonna exist because life is like this....
What i am trying to is showing how the world is and and i know that it won´t change the reallity but this is a way to let go what i have inside of me and let people know that they are not the ones who are going through this... Just beacuse people think we are different but we are not....
Thanks for what you said, i may be wrong but that is the way i think bro..
Keep in touch... DDD


Jose what you feel is good and do be yourself at all times...I know it was hard to come out to your mother and it is great that she stands by you...Like I have said before you will know when it is the right time to come out to others...You are a great guy and I will keep you in my prayers...


Oh, thanks so much Michael Wolfe, You are so nice and i wish the best for you.


i,ve been the closet for 56 years to some people and i,ve been out to some people for30 years you pick and choose the ones that accept you you keep as freinds the that don,t say lay ve


I know whare you are,and you have my Pray`s ....

I am now 64 year`s old,and i am only OUT to a vary
few peaple in deed ...........

The way i see it my self, for my self, is that i don`t
think that it is any ones bissness but mine to what
my Sexaul prefrences are.

But if any one would ask me, then i would just
tell them Straight ......

But this is just me being me tho .......lol xxx

Tommy LOL xxxx


I support you Tommy and you´re free to tell them whether you´re gay or straight and believe that you don´t have to answer a question like that cuz that is nobody´s business, no one has to ask you that...
You just tell people you trust (if you want) and live your life man, life goes on and nobody cares what we do..
Take care Tommy, Kisses.


Thank you Jose,
And you take care
too Jose.
Hug`s Tommy lol xxxx

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