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She sleeps - Your WRITES

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As you gently sleep
I wonder what you dream of
do you miss me as much I miss you
will we ever make your dreams come true

I just want to reach out and touch you
but I let you sleep and dream
I know this life can be rough
it's not always strawberries and cream

maybe it's me but I hope you feel it too
I love you so much
I never can get enough

I long to kiss your lips
and hold you so closely
whisper in your ear
make you feel warm and safe
never have to fear

As a tear rolls down my face
I remember how you always
had such style and grace

I learnt so much from you
you were always so sweet
and made me smile
when you called me poo

Gosh it just makes me so sad
missing you as I do
so I will close my eyes too
and meet you in our dreams
for if I'm not with you
I shall surely go slowly mad.




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