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Try getting out of your comfort zone. - Get HAPPY

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Do something that scares the hell out of you and you feel your body alive.
I had to do karaoke. I am not a good singer and was nagged into it so I gave it a go.
I joined in with a few others so it wasn't so bad and the last song I sang with another lady I hadn't met before
after the song she smiled and laughed and she you just sang that by yourself my microphone wasn't working.
Oh great I said. Well I had a go at something different and found myself singing that song around the house later in the day.
So your turn what have you done or are thinking about doing that scares the hell out of you but to others it's no big deal.
Are you going to take a chance and just do it.


Going to new places scares the hell outta me, but I started volunteering at an animal shelter today and it was okay!

You're brave for doing karaoke at all!


when I was about 10 I still couldn't swim because I was terrified of the water then one day my dad took me to the the local pool and with me on his shoulders walked from the shallows into deeper water, we did this every day with me progressing from his shoulders to piggy back as I conquered my fear, because of my dad I now not only love the water but live on it lol


I m pretty scared to fall in love. Even in actuality , I don't stay in an open city like many of them do. I stay in a place with many homophobics though n coming out is another worry. How do I have gf(s) ? My ex - well they made the first move n a very courageous first move. (lol)
First time in my life , I make a confession to a girl that I really like. When I was all hiding my feelings for her , sometimes she doesn't even really talk much but I still like her though. So I started to write an album with 10 songs , exclusively for her. I thought I'll just go on n hide everything since I knew myself too - It will never work. But my heart really wants to go with her. Til a few true friends who are always there for me tell me "Ella , do it ! You have got nothing to lose"

But I m so scared. Who m I to love ? I asked myself .. So I always hide my feelings. Til I finally plucked up my courage n tell her I like her n I sent her , the album that belongs to her. I don't ask anything in return , just as long as she can stay safe n happy like everyone does , that matters most.

First time in my life , I brave up to tell (someone)her "I like her". And sent her the album for her Birthday gift though. When I thought I will never get to tell her , n I also thought the album will never get to sent out in time.

Though Unpost Love Album has already come to n end .. I will never forget the first time I fell for her so much n she is the one that gives me a chance to be brave for once.

This is something that I can never forget ...


I have issues with my comfort zone too...I'm scared to try new things, go new places and yes even meeting new people!

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