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Dear All,

As you know, our wonderful friend and confidant, Helen, has been enduring some rough roads in the past few weeks. I have had the pleasure to talk with her a few times and something amazes me each time we talk. Regardless of what she has been going through, her main concern has always been you wonderful people whom she loves and adores. She loves you all a great deal and has given her best effort to keep you all smiling and laughing.

As of 9 am Friday morning, Helen had another surgery in an attempt to reduce the size of the tumors. I am not sure how long the surgery will take, but I have given her an email and asked her to please give it to someone who will keep us informed.

Helen has been struggling with "How To Inform" everyone for days. As I said earlier, her main concern has been all of you. We talked a great deal about this Tuesday and Helen thought this was the best way. She really wants to keep everyone happy and smiling. I respect her so much for that.

Regardless of what happens as of Friday, Helen has informed me she will not be returning to the site. I know this might be hard for some of you to hear, but these are her wishes and they should be respected.

In addition to these things, Helen has asked me to share some other things with you and I told her it would be my pleasure.

Helen never wanted to hurt anyone by making things seem better than they actually were. She felt selfish for not sharing everything as it really was. She just wanted to keep a happy environment full of happy and loving people. I reassured her, she is far from being selfish at all. It takes an amazing individual to endure so much yet still put everyone else first.

Helen wants you all to know that she loves and respects each and everyone of you. That you are strong and vibrant women. She is proud to have known every single one of you.

She also has two requests for all of you....

You must smile and laugh a lot everyday!


Live life to its fullest, the same way she has.

In closing, I would like all of you to say a prayer for Helen.


I would like to thank you for the update and please tell her that she will always be in my prayers...Even tho I have not talk to her but from others I only heard good things...and my I ask that you copy and paste this to the Christain room so we all there can pray for her health...Please keep us up-dated if you hear any more from her and tell her that she will be miss here on Gays.com....


Oh and I am sorry so late to comment but was on vacation...


Michael....I am sorry to say that Helen passed away Monday. I just heard the news this afternoon.

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