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Vulnerable - Your WRITES

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Somedays when things are out of control
I want to cry
But all I can do is try
Hide my sadness behind my lies
Smile and say everything is fine
Hold on to hope so tight
Days like these the sun doesn't shine

I feel so vulnerable
You are so strong
I feel so fragile
I only want to help you
But what can I do
I can't hear myself think
You're screams are so loud
Lots of stares from a crowd

They don't know us
How hard it can be
They don't understand all the fuss
I wish we could hide away so they can't see

I feel so alone
I feel like I'm not that strong
I feel so frail and so small
I feel so fragile
I feel vulnerable

So many thoughts running through my head
After a sleepless night in bed
So caught up in emotions and I'm overcome
As I'm falling down I come undone

Words from the heart
As I feel like I'm being torn apart
If people could see through my eyes
They would see all the pain I disguise


Carol, hold my hand and lets take a long walk somewhere, we can share our pain and drown our sorrow, i will listen to you, wipe your tears, and you can for me, i know you hurt, as much as me, and the pain is equal in soul, just remember im here, and i will know you are too, block out this world, and take the bull by its horns, and heads high we will walk on together. xxx


I m here too Carol .^__________________________^. *HUGS*


I think when you love and care for someone you can't help feeling vulnerable.
No matter how much they want you to be strong for them.
Seeing your loved ones in pain or scared and feeling helpless is the worst feeling there is.


Love that comes from the heart , will not expect anything in return. And when love is felt , all you wanna give her more is your selfless love. What matter most is - She knows that your love is always gonna be there for her even If you can feel helpless. Because some , you cared so much for them all along , they not know at all n they can't feel the love at all.

A presence that can be felt is always better than having to face alone xx

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