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A Poem by Helen Lane Li - Get HAPPY

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We’ve walked a while

We’ve walked a while, you and I
And spent some time in this magical space.
From here I see the whole wide world
And peoples from every place.

We’ve talked a while, you and I
And shared some wondrous thought.
Given and received of good advice
When need of it was sought

We’ve laughed a while, you and I
In mirth and jest and joke.
And when it’s quiet, I’ve snuck behind
And given you a poke

We’ve played a while, you and I
Smiling in the sun.
Simple things on carefree days
Anything for fun.

We’ve cried a while, you and I
When things have got us down
But always there’s a helping hand
To lift you from the ground

So now my walk leads me on
My path it has a bend.
Beyond it lies I know not what
So goodbye my special friend

By Helen Lane Li


You and I , we've shared so much
The poem you wrote makes me touched
Even If distance makes us apart
Yet I m always in your heart

You and I , we both have similar thoughts
Girls like girls are never wrong
What you have given to me
Until now , I can still remember these

You and I , we've shared laughter
We talked about our favorites
The jokes that I posted
Somehow I can hear your giggles

You and I
Looking at things from different skies
Though we don't share the same time
Yet you know It when I cry

You and I
No matter how time passes by
I promised that I will never cry
Even though you didn't mean to say Goodbye

If there's a road
To lead you on
For you , I can be strong
Because we are a big family all along

A promise is a promise
I m not one to break
Though many people never learn to cherish
Yet you have me in your wish

By Ella Li
To Mrs Li



How simply it rolls from your pen Ella, I wish I had your skill to say what I feel, but these 2 poems back to back perhaps say it all for anyone to see.

My life, my love


Tanx MUM, that was Fantastic.


This is Maximum, well done to brightening my day girls. xxxx




@ Carol.
@ Ella,
I just wanna say,that i just
loved them both to bit`s.
What else i say ??.
Tommy lol xxx




Beautiful ladies


Thanks Tommy .. Idk where It comes out from lol After I had It typed n posted right away , I have a shock myself lol Asking myself "Did I really type that :O ???" xx

Thanks Girls xx

PS : Thanks you Helen n Carol ..


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