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I don't understand,
All of the things I've seen,
I want to love another,
But just what does that mean?

To those who'd have it their way,
I've seen the nothing to which it leads,
Does lust make life go quicker,
What does it achieve?

To roam from berth to berth,
To kiss a ghost then run,
Do you ever see in hindsight,
All the harm that you have done?

How can one say they love then go,
On with life and live without,
The hearts they have collected,
Their "love" I can't but doubt.

I beg your pardon if my words sting,
I am not intent on being rude ,
I am just tired of the liars,
I am tired of being used.

I don't want perfection,
But I don't understand,
Why it is so difficult,
To stop and just hold hands.


@ Alan.
You have wrote another
Vary fine Poem here .........


I agree with the words and feelings in your poem. Thank you!


meh the edit option is messing it up &gt.


but thank you


I agree with Debbie, your poem is beautiful.

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