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Hey everyone, let’s try something different!  Do you ever want to ask a question, to get some serious advice but you worry that you will be judged, that someone might get too personal? That you might take the responses to personal?

Let’s try something different, you email your problem, question (tara@gays.com) and I will post it as: MEMBER QUESTION. You all can then reply with your responses and advice.

Here goes the first one, comment away after!

MEMBER QUESTION: I’ve been dating my girl for a year and things are going well.  The only thing is, I always promised my sister that I would move back to NY (I’m living in LA right now) to be with her (my sister and I are really close).
What should I do? I don’t want to lose my woman but I really wanna be there for my sister. Help, please!


Have you tried talking to both your sister and your gf about how everything is now? Maybe talk to both and see what they say. Maybe your sister can move to you or you and your gf could move out there. Or maybe visiting your sister more often. The only way to find out is to communicate.


I agree, talking to the sister and gf is the way to go. Maybe the gf or sister would like a change of scenery.

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