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Losing Her - Poetry Group

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I cant do it
Cant fathom it
Wont fathom it honestly

I feel the need

to hope

to wish

and even pray

that she never forgets me.

It might seem like
were polar opposites
honestly we are
but theres nothing
wrong with that
when shes a summer swelter
and i a winter blizzard

Shes the Light
to the Darkness that I produce

I cant lose her
When losing her
is like ripping apart my soul.

She my greatest weapon
and weakness
my Achilles heel

My mother.

Please dont forget me


I love this Cynthia, and I'm usually impartial to free-verse. It sent shivers down my spine. Thank you for sharing.


Hey cynthia, I like this very much. Mom's don't ever forget their children! Thanks


It was wonderful.

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