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kisses from a ghost - Your WRITES

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words feel my head
as I lie in my bed
I can't sleep
thinking of your lies
how they make me feel so cheap

I toss and turn
but I still yearn
for someone next to me
you smile and dance
always so carefree

and me alone with my pain
as the sky grows dark
and it begins to rain

in my dreams you hold me close
and now I get my kisses from a ghost
it always will be and it always was you
and you alone who held my heart
and yet we were always so far apart


U're breaking my heart with ur poems, but they're great. xxxx


The words left in the head
Unsaid ................................
How about leaving that
To Yesterday .................... ?

Never mind , If you can't sleep
There will be someone here
That loves you deep.

You are not alone
Because you are Carol

Ella xx

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