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Forbidden Gold Dust

There is nobody in the room, the flat,
Just us and our bare backs,
“Get on the couch now.” I assert to you,
Your naked, smooth skin brushes against mine,
Whilst you place your hands onto the pillow,

I let loose a slick, seductive scratch,
Your body stiffens; through pink lips stifles a soft moan,
My nails leave a forked trail down your back,
Slowly, I slide my warm hands around as you groan,
I am still firmly grasping your bountiful breasts, when I come closer to home.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind.” I say,
You do not argue as you are on all fours,
Waiting impatiently for more, I take pleasure in that,
I wonder if you will stay quiet,
When I move lower,
Quietness? Is definitely not what I get.

Instead, I hear loud, lustful moans and deep, desirable breaths as you struggle to stay still,
My hard nipples press against your soft skin, at my will,
Our swift, smooth motions cause my clit to swell and my pussy to fill.

Air around me swirls with the sweet scent of cum and sweat,
Together creating the sensational essence of sex,
Infused with love and lust, forbidden gold dust.

Suddenly, the passion takes me,
I pull you upright and spin you round,
Gazing into your moss green yes, I see no lies, no evil,
I desire you, you desire me,
Falling for you has transformed my life with glee,
Now, at this moment, I must let your temptation flee.

I shove you down, kissing gentle lips as my tongue caresses your clit. More…

And more..
“Mmm!” A cheeky grin plays along my lips,
You let go of one last moan.

Superior to the rest,
The temptation has fled,
As you flop exhausted onto my bed.


@ Courtney,
I must admit,this is your one yet .............

Yes,yes,it is forbidden Gold Dust ............
But good Gold Dust Tho .........


So it's good?


Yes Courtney,
This Poem is good .........


Beautiful, artful, powerful........


Deliciously evocative... meaning that it evoked wetness! ;-)


@courtney, You made me re-live some of my favorite moments.


This is a very lustful, emotional poem. Very good. I wrote one called Naked. Maybe I'll post it on here.


Very nice poem Court xxx




Erotica Poem

To be in each other's arms
our naked bodies warm
we would think about nothing other
only about us as lovers

We would allow our lips to roam
to suck on necks-lips
when we get down on our knees and held each other's hips
we would give each other oral - letting out pleasureful moans

We would taste each other's love creams
on several occasions
on that we made promises
they all were as pleasureful as the first ones

Our lives-our loves
seemed endless
your body felt-tasted like no other of
our love seemed boundless.

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