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Here's one of my poems, got quite a few. Hope youse like them. - Poetry Group

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Most are from personal experiences, but not all xx


Nobody sees the world like me,
Everyone has eyes on me,
I do not belong in this world,
It is not where I am supposed to be.

Glass stones glare into my eyes,
Nothing yet has caught me by surprise,
Used to this black abyss,
I do not belong here.

Balancing the world on my knee,
Imagining, destroyed, devoured,
Just like me,
This is not where I am supposed to be.

Love? I do not often feel such a thing,
Sometimes I can but trust is unseen,
It is hard to believe that trust is in me,
This is not where I am supposed to be.

Not Earth, not here, not there,
Paranoia is the planet I fear,
Thick, full of despair,
Why can I not just disappear?


Vary good,Coutney ...............


Courtney Your poem is very good .. I was checking on a friend's work til I read yours .. WAW :O *thumbs up*

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