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The Garden Of Happiness - Get HAPPY

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Now is the hour I wait for each day
I lay here quiet and still
I think of you
And always will

How your eyes hypnotize me
They make me dream only of you
You fill my nights with happiness
Then you're gone
You've flown away
And you are free

When I wake from my dreams
I wonder where you have gone
This happens every night
I long to be with you next to those flowing streams

In the garden of happiness where you play
Where birds sing for you and follow
you where ever you go

You are there waiting for me at heavens gateway
There's just one thing I know
I'll be there one day

So I must live this life till then
I wake with my tears
Again and again
But I know you're here in my heart
So I must fight my fears
Till that day when we are no longer apart

I'll come to you one day
And in the garden, we will play
No more tears and fears
No more pain and feelings of going insane

Just the happy bliss
Together as we kiss


Sometimes I wish I can stay
So that you can hear me say
Words can't tell you much
But your poems are just so touched
I wonder how much feelings you got
Coz you always rock

You inspired many others , Carol xx


There should be a "I ♥" button!! :-))
Poetry from the heart = the best poetry! :-))


I have to agree with Ella. I feel the same way too.


Carol , carol .. sometimes this lady
Makes me speechless for a minute
She is full of positivity
And she always keep up her spirits
I might not be the only
That write her poems without thinking :P
I wonder If she will be reading
Because she will be smiling
And when she is writing
We all will be right here waiting

Ella xx


Excellent.. Wish i could describe how beautiful your poetry's are :-)


Ya Carol I have those nights like that about m gf seeing how she lives in Canada and I live in the states I have many nights like that.

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