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Inbetween the lines of the window seen through the naked eye. - Poetry Group

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Knock Knock, as she brushes her hair
“Who is it” she replies realizing no one is there.
Looking through the window glass
Seeing the reflection of herself, her reflection talks to her, as she thinks she’s going to hell.
“You and I are one in the same” the reflection says.
Tearing up as the girl slowly bled.
“You are the demon that is inside my head”................
Clawing her hands thinking “Am I the same as you or I”
Do I have I right to be who I am? Do we have the same lies?
Contemplating the madness, that travels through her veins, thinking of the sadness that her mother gained.
Breathing in her dampened breaths, She sees her future in her misty mind.
“What will become of me as I continue to lie”................


Very nice work :-D

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