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Open a new door. - Get HAPPY

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Don't you love how in life when one door slams in your face and you think you have lost everything.
Another more beautiful door opens with all new wonders just like the wizard of oz.
Colours shining brightly sparkling shimmering like diamonds undiscovered
And you really thought you were here to spend time in the dark?
No my friend come with me and open that new door today.
Learn to sing louder than before to music you never heard.
Dance out of the rain and into the sunshine.
Look deep into love's eyes and cry happy tears once more.
Breathe in the essence of new exciting wonder
Kiss the soft lips of discovery
Live for this
Live to dream
Take the chance
Run the race
Jump the stream
Fly higher then the birds
Sing new songs
Make them up and you can use your own words
Tell your story
Shout out loud and you will be heard.


u go girl don't stop puttin those words to meaning Carol. I enjoy reading ur words of wisdom and the way u say things. keep up the good work


Thank you for your kind words Karen
Big (((((((((((CUDDLE))))))))))))))


@ Carol,
Yes you have just have told how
i once felt,when i was in my TEEN`S .............
LOL xxxx


I remember my last happy tears......Dec.24 2008, the happiest day in my life thus far.............

Do I dare to dream
Do I dare to hope
Do I dare to wish
Do I dare to try

I used to dream
I used to hope
I used to wish
I used to try

My dreams are now nightmares
My hopes are all vanquished
My wishes were smothered
I gave up trying

I've built a wall
With bricks and stones
To protect myself
From the unknown

I'm afraid to trust
And open up
To let another
Take a look

Parts of me are missing
Thrown into the wind
Do you see pieces
I need them back again

To rebuild myself
To be better than I was
To try and make sense
When no answers are given

One day I may dream
One day I may hope
One day I may wish
One day I may try

But today is not the day
When I will sing or play
Today is for healing
From lifes harsh dealings


we all have to go through our dark times
and as bad as they are we learn from them
and we do grow stronger


Debbie that is a good one .. It is like a continuation of Carol's masterpiece n this is double masterpiece


@carol: I do learn from each and try to keep the very best within my heart. One day when I remember the laughter and the joy that these individuals brought to my life, it won't be followed by tears. I know people who know me here in my town think I am an exceptionally strong woman. It is not me, I am weak. It is my God who gives the strength that everyone sees.

@ella: thank you. I enjoy your jokes!

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