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Go with the flow and grow stronger - Get HAPPY

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Pain is weakness leaving the body.
I heard that and thought wow if you think of it that way you can turn something bad into something good.
If you think about all the bad things that you have lived through then don't you think you have grown from the experience.
You have learnt to cope better and grown stronger as a person.
So if you are going through something bad right now think how this experience will make you a better person.
Sure you may not see it now because you may feel simply rotten but if you hold on to being as positive as you can be
knowing there is always hope not matter how small that little light in the distance seems to be.
Maybe just maybe, you will get through this and there will come a time when you look back and say to yourself
oh I get it the best of times are the worse of times because I have learnt and grown from that.
We are all here on a journey, what matters in life is not where you are going but what happens along the way.
We are all traveling down stream and we just can't fight the flow so relax and go with it.


@ Carol,
Yes i can understand whare you are at,
and whare you are comming from too ..............

Vary,vary,well put over ................

Tommy lol xxx


Carol - this is very good. I'd like for share this on tumblr, if you don't mind.


have had many bad things happen in my life time now when something bad happens i handle it with a smile and people ask how i can smile at a time like this. i tell them i've been through worse and made it out ok i'll make it through this also. each time a bad thing happens it becomes "a plan of action" for future reference.


@ Tommy thank you as always you know where I'm coming from.
@ Nathan sure if anyone wants to take my words feel free if they make sense to you or may help someone else I am always happy to give them away.
@ Brain I think the more we go through the more we start understanding and sure at the time people only see how bad something is. But life is a journey we have to keep moving on down that road.
Even though we may sit down and have to rest sometimes.

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