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Stupidity - JUST FOR FUN

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A new teacher wanted to teach thé notions of psychology to her class, so she addressed them this way
"If anyone sometimes has thé impression that hé or she is stupid, please stand up."
After almost a minute, Lionel stood up. Surprised, thé teacher asked him
"So, Lionel, you think that from time to time you can be stupid?"
"No, ma'am" he replied, "But it bothered me to see you standing all by yourself."

The same teacher asked her class:
"What does thé sheep give us?"
"Wool" replied Delphine
"Good, and what does a chicken give us?"
"Eggs" answered Karine.
"Fine. And what does thé cow give us?"
"Homework" muttered Lionel


LOL..that was good...

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