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Everyday I look in the mirror and think
will I ever be as pretty as those girls in pink?
Do I have to cover up my face
or would people think I'm fake?
I just want to fit in and feel pretty
I don't want people treating me nice because they feel pity
I always wonder,
why was I put in this specific life?
So that I can put myself down all the time?
Or to turn other people's frown upside down instead of mine?
It really hurts to see myself as useless
while there are people out there who think they're priceless.
Every now and then some suicidal thoughts occur
but the reason why I'm still here is because of one word

Hope, it's gotten me through all my toughest days
every second, every minute, every hour, everyday, in every way

Hope, it's some thing that everybody needs
to life, it's a really special key

Hope, something that if I never had all these years
almost every waking moment would have been in tears

Hope, something that kept me alive
when all I wanted was to die

Hope, the most important thing to me
because now I know I'm a somebody

Hope, it's all I'll ever need.


old old poem

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