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Normal reaction? - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay, for the first time EVER I saw my boyfriend cry, I'm not going into detail of why he cried but he did, and I only saw the tears from in his eyes and I hugged him and started crying myself.
Well he went to sort himself out in the mirror and I rushed to the bathroom to wipe my tears away cause I didn't want him to know I was crying to...
Well when I got back into the front room, he came up to me hugged me and said 'Don't get all soppy on me' then I begged him to stop hugging me cause he'll start me off again but then I burst out crying - you know the kinda crying when you sob really loudly and breath erratically? That kinda crying - I've haven't cried like that since my nan died over a year ago, and suddenly I'm crying like that because I saw my boyfriend cry... Is that ever normal?
Well the memory came back a couple of days ago and I started crying again - Have I become really soft or so I care so much that I hate seeing him cry - all I do know is that seeing him cry tore me apart inside, but I didn't expect to cry like that!


When somebody you really care for cries it can be very emotional for you to. It has happened to me several times. It's human nature and shows how caring and loving you are.


well it's normal to have a heart Richard...even if it means an over-emotional one...i get emotional too...but well it's good to release these feelings...they leave you feeling much better...


I totally agree with u Jony, The Relief of a Good Cry Certainly help's and Relieve's My Tension's and take's a lot of Stuff off my Shoulder's.


All I know is, from my experiences with love when I witness my special somebody becoming emotional I then become emotional also, So no from my experience its not an abnormality. Its actually a very positive trait to have. It shows that you are highly affectionate and that you have empathy. Empathy is the ability to visualize what it feels like to walk in another persons shoes. Don`t get down on yourself People should respect you for it.


Yeah I know what Empathy is, I had to write a 3,500 worded assignment involving important characteristics when working with children and Empathy was one :P


a good cry can,t hurt anything


It's only when I've cried with another man that I've felt really connected with him.

If, for example, another male also cries spontaneously when listening to a particular piece of music I feel something so much more powerful and wonderful than any sexual arousal. I've had the best sex but it always felt very empty afterwards when I couldn't find some emotional connection.

It's only when I can cry without the other person being uncomfortable, telling me "there, there", or being otherwise unable to cope with and share tears, that I can trust them. Loneliness is, for me, about being without someone I can share that emotional bond. No amount of sex makes up for that and isn't easy to ask for or find, unlike sex.

The great thing about crying is that the tears can come time after time even when, as you get older, other parts need hours to recover! The sexual climax is there, gone and forgotten. The memories of emotional closeness stay for ever.


Crying,with positive thought`s will do nothing but good
for you in the long run.
I have found that a good Cry can and does clence
your Soul big time. LOL xxxx


Hello Richard D, all it means is that you have a heart and feelings, its nothing to scared of, it means you care. x

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