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Money Bag - JUST FOR FUN

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A couple were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They had married when they were childhood sweethearts, and decided to visit their old neighbourhood. Hand in hand, they returned to see their old school. As luck would have it, the doors were not locked, so they were able to see their old classroom and even their own shared desk where Maurice had scratched "I Love You, Rita".
Slowly returning back home, a bag of money fell out of an armoured truck and landed practically at their feet. Rita immediately picked it up and carried it home. There, she counted the money that was in the bag and arrived at the sum of $50,000.00! Maurice said that they should return the money as it was not rightfully theirs to keep. Rita replied "Finders, Keepers". She put the money back into the bag and hid it in the attic.
The next day, two policemen came to their neighbourhood looking for the money. The police knocked at their door. "Excuse us, but did you happen to find a bag of money they fell from an armoured truck yesterday?"
Rita answered, "No".
Maurice interjected "She's lying. She hid it in the attic!"
Rita said "Don't believe him, he's senile".
THe policemen then turned to Maurice to question him further. "Will you tell us what happened yesterday? Start at the beginning."
Maurice said, "Yesterday, when Rita and I were coming back from school......."
The policemen looked at each other and said "Let's get out of here".


Vary good, lol xxxx


LOL...didn't see that one coming...

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