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Be your own misery, live your life like it’s supposed to be.

You can’t live as if life owes you the life you’re supposed to live.
That is the deception which has grabbed your attention,
causing you to kill the true bill of being to which you were born.
This deception has altered your perception,
leaving you choosing white over black,

resulting in the latter days your clear vision being hazed,
resulting in your soul’s decapitation,
living your life in the light that leaves you blind,
seeking the darkness you erased from you mind

You wonder why things don’t go your way.
Why situations always seem to leave you in disarray?
You try to be all that you can be, while all you get is “What’s wrong with me?”
You live your life following the idea that
life is a preconceived manuscript,
following a path IT finds fit,
resulting in your emergence as a prefabricated replica
of an age old identica.
Perceived as being the perfect being, leaving it’s descendants
begging at their knees,
desiring to acquire this deception
in bounty.

Leaving their souls filthy with pure corrupted information


The above is just me rambling as I often do by myself, basically speaking of the personal struggle for individuality and self acceptance. Hope you enjoyed


wow... pure corrupted information... that is a striking concept a life overshadowed by pre formed ideals that is darkness


You found it....yay!...

We always get fed what is right or acceptable by society, sometimes feeling guilty for being different and thinking maybe it's just easier to try and "fit in". Over time you get brain washed so much, you cant tell the difference anymore, which is why I thought the darkness would be a good metaphor.


this is so good


Thanks Zoe!!


Wow, that is GOOD, .............


This is amazing

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