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Desire (a poem to Aphrodite) - Poetry Group

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The following poem is the overture to my first story of Sapphic Tales, a mythological romance. It can be found on my blog:


'Fore the first breath of dawn was the Morning Star drawn
O'er the hills to the East of Paphos
When the cygnets took wing where the ragged rocks ring
The shores of the isle of mythos

From the foam and the spray in no royal array
Did she rise from the waters at dawn
Knowing naught but desire that burned as a fire
Completing the high Pantheon

From the sea she ascended as the Graces attended
And adorned her in golden raiment
Then she rode a great shell 'pon the waves as they fell
To the shoals of the coastal descent

Aphrodite was born one Cyprian morn
By the seed of Dione and Zeus
For the love she inspires in your carnal desires
I will charm, bewitch and seduce

(c) 2008 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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