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they say once a cutter, always a cutter.
Its a secret that we all share,
our own private inside joke.
But it’s not a joke,
in fact, its one of the most serious things we do.
So cautious of our lines,
the rules written in our own blood.
we have a deadly accuracy.
Most don't even feel the pain,
Instead it is our drug for our high.
How addicted we are,
where some go through withdrawal,
And others Die.
I can no longer bare the truth,
that I can’t trust myself with sharp objects.
I found that my will is stronger than my desires.
So when I succeed I will allow,
My scars to show bright.
But the memories will not go away;
those scars are still here,
Even when they have begun to fade.
My life will get better;
I can at least say that with a smile.
With life going by,
it doesn't give a damn.
As I say six words,
that changed my outlook.
Once a cutter, always a cutter
and that is who I was
A Cutter...


I can relate to this so much...
& its very beautifully written.


Like the character of 'Debbie' said in "Queer As Folk" : sometimes you just need to keep hanging, until the scenery changes.

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