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I never expected the darkness to lift
Then suddenly, like my suffering was a test of worthiness
I saw a light in the room, in a friend from long ago.

How did I know, we suffered the same agony
By the same people who does not know each other
For so long

It was so natural and like breathing the fresh air, two of us being there each other
Brings love each morning when we open our eyes. Now I see my soul mate

every day... every moment.

--Above is a follow up to the below ----

Place I try not to visit
My life. Filled with doubts.
My life. Filled with disappointments.

Lives of others, disappointed by me.

Somehow I feel this agony is justified
for all I have done, not fulfilled, and un achieved.

That is the dark place I get drawn to, if I let it.
I am not going there today.



Some of us spend their whole lives trying to pleased others
They suffer in silence and in their pain
crying in the night

They are never going to be good enough for their mothers
When others see sunshine they only see rain
So through the pain they learn to fight

Until that day when they see their pain in the eyes of another's
They cry together and they wash away the stain
Let's hear them and love them tonight

When you have someone
who loves you
you are their world
So give love where you can
Let them feel your love

For you June


Yes,both are vary nice ................


Thanks.... I spent many many years not reaching out.... I was surrounded by people who insist they are accepting, but at the end they all used my sexual preference and gender identity as tool to beat me physically and physiologically. Some in official role even threatnig me to take my child away ... For no reason other than being a transgendered person...

Having a strong support system is a key for LBGT person.

Never never never give up.


Thank you for the beautiful return poem...
Hugs hugs kisses... June


@Cynthia Thank you. ... incidentally, that person was emailing me one negative comment after another all day long today. LOL ... some never changes. but I did.


well I'm certainly glad you had the strength to share you're beautiful poetry with us June.


June you are an amazing wonderful person
No one can take that away from you.
I wish you all the love in the world.
Keep on being brave you are a beautiful soul.

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