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I’m Sorry
Im going to start off by saying im sorry.
Im sorry i cant stay.
Im sorry that i know without a doubt that once im gone i will hurt u.
Im sorry i didnt tell u earlier how i felt.
Im sorry that something may happen and take me away.
Im sorry theres nothing i can do about this.
Im sorry fate is as cruel as it is.
Im sorry that i want 2 cry so bad right now yet i cant because i know once i do i wont stop.
Im sorry i can't change the outcome.
Im sorry that what i have to do is ripping us apart.
Im sorry that theres so much i have to apologize for.
Im sorry for not staying.
Im sorry that you wont see this until its too late.
I'm sorry my love has hurt you no matter what you say.
Im sorry that my last i love u was just that my last.


Vary good Carol .............


Very good Carol. Very moving.


My apologies I see words wrong sometimes. It's still very good though Cynthia.

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