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Feeling down? - Get HAPPY

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You know we all have our down days when nothing anyone can say or do will help.
Well you know that's OK we have to acknowledge this and let our feelings out.
When someone says suck it up it doesn't help. I think men have it harder in a lot of ways with the whole "Be a man" thing, since when is it a good thing to hold in our emotions?
In fact I think we all need to cry now and then it's good for the soul.
Being a warm, loving, caring and senitive person is a good thing.
I think we all need to let out our feelings and if you need someone to talk to I am here.
Just message me I am always happy to talk and listen.
Sometimes that's all we need to start to feel a little better let someone in.


Im here to listen as well if anyone wants a shoulder to cry on i need it at the best (and worst) of times... so hollah if you need me xxxxx


Carol I was always told I was to emotional and get ahold of myself I can cry at times when no one can understand why I am that way.



Alfawolf it's because you have a heart and it's a good thing.


I find that the best of copeing,is just
to roll with your emotion`s as it were.

The worse thing what can happen to
you,is that you CRY.
Crying is a safety valve,and by useing
that safety valve,and thinking thing`s
through at the same time,help`s me
too stay in a vary good frame of mind
but all the time.
BE HAPPY !!!!!!!!!
Tommy xxxxx


BE HAPPY !!!!!!!!!! LOL xxxxx


I agree! It is a proven fact that if we bottle up emotions they will have physical effects! High blood pressure, high colesterol (which the body produces), hea daches/migraines, muscle tension ect.

I don't particularly like most of the reasons I cry and I used to say I don't like crying but the truth is I cry....a great deal and very easily. That's just part of who I am.

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