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Here is a poem I wrote for a friend who is having trouble "coming out" - Your WRITES

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Into the woods
I walked into the woods identity shattered,
Confused but not yet broken.
Seeking…longing for that inner voice,
Wondering if it mattered.

Could I find out who I am,
Seeking comfort in the wrong embrace?
Loving him hard enough… leaving purple bruises,
But not recognizing my own face.

My sense of self began to shatter,
Debris in a tornado…gaining speed.
Feeling the emptiness inside my heart,
With not its wants,
But needs.

Then I stumbled into her,
Yearning on her face,
Without warning I walked into her world,
Finding comfort in her embrace.
Surrounded suddenly by a strange new world,
Strangers I’d known all my life,
A cloud lifted and I could breathe again,
I’d found my missing kite.

No longer was I adrift in this world,
Finally recognizing my own face,
I had stumbled into the woods,
But emerged…
Identity safe.

Bobbye Webb

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