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Be thankful for what we do have - The Gay Christian Network

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I saw this amazing video and thought I should be grateful for what I do have. In this video these people barely are alive. Its so sad, it would be great if we all can change the world in a better place.



Yes, I'm very thankful for what I have! That was a sad but inspiring vid. It does put things back into the proper perspective.

Have you ever read the book of the Martyrs?


Yes it is a shame that we in the First World.
cannot Shere/give a lot more to the Third
This i think would help to make our Global
world a far,far,better place to live in,for all
of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


no I haven't whats it about?


We who have too much,should give a lot more
to those who are in need,
This way,the world,would not be such a unfair
place. ??????,


Wow, what amazing vids! Thank you so much for sharing. We so often forget that we have angels out there on our side watching over us. I know that the Bethal church here in Redding, CA have been experiencing the appearance of angels during their services for some time. They have also had a cloud that manifests during services also.

The book I mentioned is titled:

Jesus Freaks
DC Talk and
The Voice of the Martyrs

They tell stories of martrys for Christ. Some sories go back to biblicals time and as present as when the book was published. I read one or two stories a day so I can keep what's going on in my ilfe in perspective to the bigger picture.

What never stops to amaze me is that even before their tortures and murders, these people literally ended up loving their captors with only the pure love that our Lord can give.

(So who is the guy on the 700 club? I use to watch when it was Pat Robertson, I can't afford TV)


thanks for the book title and I have no idea who the guy is on the 700 club, but if it makes you feel better I don't have cable either I find it'ss a waste on the mind and I spend most of my time finding other things to do. Plus i dislike watching commercials about food, which makes you hungry intentionally, the news that reports more about killings then important things, and other nonsense.

For what I payed in cable I have more use on the internet.


be thankful like this?

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