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Asking for a Lie - Poetry Group

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Really all im asking
is for you to lie to me
I dont want the truth
dont want to see the pity
in your eyes, as you
walk out that door again
for good this time.

Tell me a lie
make it pretty
make it silly
make it unforgettable
but dont, dont
tell me the truth

The truth is harder than the lie and knowledge
that i see in those eyes

So please
All im asking for
Is a Lie.


How weird, I was being stocked and I told the guy that I love someone else and he first asked me why I couldn't lie. Then he asked me to lie. I did.


Its always difficult for us to accept the truth. A lie is easier to live with, you know its not true, so it can't really hurt you as much as the truth.


Yes. Ashley you are very right. Its one of my main reasons for this piece. Most days the truth is not my friend so this just flowed perfectly or imperfectly.


Timothy I never would have thought that something like that could happen but it makes sense for him to prefer a lie to reality.


Its an old cliche, but the truth shall set you free. We need the truth, without it, we can never really progress.


The truth shall indeed always set us free-----eventually; sometimes, though, we are not ready to be set free, especially when we're not ready to let someone go....... I guess it's also not really a lie when both parties know what's really happening. Sometimes it also leaves a door-- or a window open-- and sometimes it comforts us, while we move on; personally, I'm a slow 'mover-on-er'. : ))


Your right it is old but theres nothing wrong with that.
David im like that too. I just got out a relationship n well it didnt end on such a good note and still we fight without being together.


Cindy!!!! You know i love your poetry but this you .. Call me ok. You know lying to yourself will get you nowhere.


Im not calling you for a few reasons. Dont want to and even if i did which i dont i couldnt cuz i have no number.

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