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Rich Customer - JUST FOR FUN

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An elderly woman opens the door to her brothel and spies an elegant man of a certain age. "How can I help you?" she asks.
He replies, "I would like to see Sophie."
"Sir, Sophie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps you would like to see another girl?"
"No, thank you, I must see Sophie."
Sophie immediately arrives to explain to this gentleman that she charges $5,000.00 for an evening.
Without discussion, the man lays out 50 bank notes of $100.00 each.
They go into a room and an hour later, he leaves quietly.
The next night, the same gentleman knocks at the door and asks again to see Sophie.
Sophie tells him that it is extremely rare that someone asks for her services 2 nights in a row, and besides, there is no reduction in her charge.
Once again the man pulls out 50 bills of $100.00 each and gives them to Sophie.
The repair to a room, and again he leaves after one hour.
The third night, the same thing happens, but just as he is about to leave after the one-hour session, Sophie asks her faithful customer, "Nobody uses my services three nights in a row. Where are you from?"
"I'm from Chicago."
"Really! I have family relatives in Chicago."
And he replies, "I know. Your father died recently. I'm your sisters' lawyer and they asked me to remit to you, your share of the inheritance ---- $15,000.00.

The moral of this story:- Certain things in life are inevitable:
Death, Taxes, and being screwed by a lawyer.


He,he,he,that is another vary,vary,good one
there Jim. ( Keep em comming,my Friend !!! ).

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