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Hi guys, I'm new to this group. Below is something just as an official introduction if you will. Not new, but one of my favourites. I call it "Life on the Inside". Hope you enjoy.

I so want to be able to be me.

But how can I be me when me is not allowed?
Friends, family; gleaming with disapprove,
this notion in my head I should not have allowed.
Now look at the shame I on them exude.

Two men sharing a bed, unbiblical, not natural,
even animals know better than to engage in this wicked ritual.
It’s a sin, they say;
don’t look at him that way.

Someday you’ll come to your senses,
visions of family, Doberman and white picket fences
they imprint.
Implying happiness ever after in heterosexuality solely exists.

All my life has been devoted to the cause,
putting you first, that way no more because
in putting me last
I’ve become a part of the past.

Not now, memories forgotten,
aint even trying to retrieve them.

Pointless life living
for reasons leaving my head shaking.

You are the only one getting recognition.
I’m stagnating in this position,
not moving forward as I don’t dare,
looking in the mirror, in the eyes
of a coward I stare.


Hi Ashley and welcome to the group. Very good poem. Perhaps I'll post more of my poetry here.


Thanks for the welcome Mark. I've just noticed though that I should probably have used spellcheck. Oh well... lol. Looking forward to seeing some of your work, and sharing more of mine in future


This is amazing. Seriously like it brought tears to my eyes and well thats not a very easy thing to do.


Glad you liked it Cynthia


A few years ago, but I wrote it after coming out and marrying my husband. So it was more of a retrospect of where I was before.


Yes Ashley.
I wanna give you top mark`s for
your Poem.and a vary big WELCOME
to you,too the Group too. xxx
Tommy xxxx


ah! Feeling right at home ... Thanks Tommy...


that's pretty awesome ashley, not the reason for the writing but about stagnation,,,kind of how I feel right now...


Hi Evelyn, I've realised long ago that when you live your life to keep someone else happy, you're not really feeding your own soul, and you slowly begin to die, spiritually that is. Yes, we all must work on our relationships with family and friends, but not to such a point that we can't be who we really are, and that is not only for issues of sexuality.

Once we truly decide to make a stand and focus on our own happiness, its a long road to where you want to be, 5 years on and I'm still not quite where I want to be, but I'll get there eventually. We all will


I hope you do ashley. all the best on this journey of yours

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