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When I look into your eyes
I lose all track of time
I think about making love to you
And listening to your signs

When I watch you bite your lip
You're teasing me and you know it
I'll hold you in my arms so close
And you let my hands slip 

I slowly explore your body 
Your skin is so soft
My fingertips scratch down your back 
As you bite hard on my neck
I know you like the pleasure and the pain
As we make love I listen to the rain

Inside it's warm with you
As you let me do what I want to 
Soft kisses, licks and sucks
As our body grind together 
I forget about the weather

I feel your body tease up
As we now become one
Lost in our pleasure
We make love together 

Darling I love you so much
This will last for ever
And ever.


Yes Carol,
Another first class Poem, lol xxx


Carol, I should get you to write a nice poem for me


it would be my pleasure Wayne just in bow me with a few ideas and I'll see what I can do


Thank you so much Tommy your lovely comments keep me writing


mmmm wonderful

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