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Is this the kind of conversation we are here on gays.com for? - Gay Guys! <3

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2. hello
3. Between Pete Hugo Boss and You
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1. 21 May '12 from Pete Hugo Boss
hi...how are you doing?
you look very sexy there
wanna meet up
just let me know
2. 21 May '12 from Michael Olsson
Hii there, Pete the cat,

Sure, I love cats. Want me to bring some tinned food?

3. 21 May '12 from Pete Hugo Boss
all I need is cock to suck and get fuck..
you got that for me darling.
please email me valqaz123@gmail.
4. 21 May '12 from Michael Olsson
Sorry dude,

Can't help you with that.
Happy hunting.

5. 21 May '12 from Pete Hugo Boss
that is because you are not exiting at all.
that picture is actual not you..FUCK
6. 21 May '12 from Michael Olsson
1. How would you know whether I am exciting or not, you don't know me.
2. The picture is me. More than I can say for yourself. I shudder to think what you may or may not look like, since you don't even want to post your picture.
3. I am sick of guyz like you looking for just brainless sex, and by the sounds of it, you could not even be a friend.
4. I am attached, and in refence to point 3, I would not even want to be friends with you. Sticking pins in my eyes would be far more exciting.

But good hunting. No doubt you'll find another hairbrained asshole like yourself to copulate with, and you deserve eaother.

May you win the national lottery of braincells, you certainly are short of a few million.

In contempt



I have been on the site for awhile now and I can't tell you how many letters I got like that..Just the other day in live chat I was ask to video chat with this guy because he wanted to see me jerk off...Really....but I have to say this site is better then some of the others that I was on before coming here...
I would guess it just some of the people that are lonley or just pain horney...


I get them too Michael, you wonder what planet they are from. All the best and the right one DOES come along sometimes. All the best.


Hi Michael and Michael!

i have sent a warning to ask that this member stop harassing for sex.

Please use the report function, you'll find it on a member's page under their profile photo. If you let us know who is harrassing you, we can do something, if not...


Mon., May 21st, 12, 10:00 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
Some of These Conversations Sound Far Out etc. Kind of Makes You Wonder Just What Some of These People are All About etc.
Guess I'm Lucky, Haven't Had Much Of This
Good Luck, Guys,



Yes,you are bound to get this sought of thing
happening, !!!!!!!!!. You will find that thare is
all way`s that One person.who all way`s has
to cross that Line.!!!. lol,xxxxx


.... and then these same gaywads want to know why the rest of the world doesn't take us seriously, why they don't wanna share the planet with us in peace, why they always stereotype us as promiscuous, disease-spreading, uncommitted sluts. if they weren't living this stereotype, this opinion could never be honestly applied to us. but they score. everytime a new way to connect the LGB people is created, along they come and turn it into an orgiastic fuck fest. i'm all for sexual freedom, but to assume others want you to treat them like a sex object only is inconsiderate. meanwhile i get older because i believe in applying my personal ethics to myself. this may be an awkward question to ask, but am i THAT ugly? ....geez.


@Michael, I think you meant *plain, but I like Pain better, 'cuz it a pain when people like that show up. I only been on chat two time, first I just got bored. The second, two guys old enough to be mi father ask mi if I want rent a hotel for a night. I know this does not apply to everyone, but I prefer tradición. If you old enough to be my dad, do not ask for such things. Respect the age difference. That why I avoid the chat thing. Although it true these people are inevitable. Mine main concern is what these type have plan. I do not mean to sound paranoid, but people like that I fear be the ones to "end" the night for the young one who think he making a friend, or just getting lucky. There was on news that a sight (now taken down) had a man in Europe who would seduce boys and young men to meeting him, but by the next morning, the only one coming out hotel room was the man. He killed 17 peoples ages 16-29 because he abhorred homosexuality, but pretended himself to be to gain trust. People may just be horny disrespectful at times, but I fear incidents like that in Europe happening again. And I sure it not the first or last time either. Regardless, I do not like how people try and take advantage of others, especially the impressionable, for one reason or another. I sorry you have had to deal with such people, but I hope you can find hope in those of us who are not here just "to get lucky". This sight isn't as bad as others, that why I like. And I love all you for it. Jeje, Ciao and best to you all. And I sorry if my rant offend any. (Except to those it was started for) LoL ^.^


Gee, thanx for all your comments. It does make me feel a bit better, as I aked myself at first if it was me, or Twilight Zone........

Truth be told, it's kinda bit of an ego boost to get hit up :-) But when one says no, and it's followed by a reply like that, one wonders what's happened to the world. I left that other 'scintilating' site, gay.com, years ago, for this reason. Anyhow, thanx for the understanding. So it's not just me :-)



Hey Michael, you're normal like a lot of us here.


Thanx, I thought so, too, although some may beg to differ

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