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Say you’ll love me, forever and always.
Say you’ll never leave me.
Say you’ll never hurt me.
You lied... about everything.
You broke all of your promises, which you made to me.
You don’t love me now, you did at the time.
You only ended up hurting me.
You left me.

You said you never want to lose me.
Never want to leave me.
All you ended up doing was leaving me, yet still, you have not lost me.

You still have a hold on me.
Even though you have seemed to let me go.

My heart does not want to let go.
Nor does my soul.
Although you have hurt me.
Left me.
Lied, and broke promises.
I still love you.
I know I should hate you for what you have done, but I can’t hate you.
I try... I try with all I have to hate you.
I feel love for you instead, even though I should hate.

I get told I should hate for everything.
But they don’t understand me properly, only one of them does.
And that one knows I have trouble feeling hatred.
I have trouble hating things.
No matter what anyone says, it seems I can’t do it.

I shouldn’t still love you.
But I do.
I am trying not to, but it is a lot harder to hate than people think.

I find it harder to hate, than I do love.
In a way that’s a good thing, but at the same time it isn’t.
But that is the way I am, and I can’t change even if I try.

I meant it when I said I love you.
I meant it when I said I never want to lose you.
I meant it when I said I don’t want to leave you.
I never wanted to hurt you.
I meant it when I said I needed you.
I meant every promise I ever made, every word I ever said to you.

I wanted you to be the one.
But I guess it was never meant to be.


I think I have read this post b4 Sian but I love to read It again ))))) Especially the last second part of paragraph ... That's my words too and I know how that feels ):


as i have been saying.
you have a Talent .................

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