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Blackness everywhere.
I don’t know what to do.
If a loved one dies what do you do.
Cry alone and die alone,
or get over it,
I don’t know.
A birthday is like every other day.
However, everyone is always happy about them.
it just means you’re getting closer to the day you die.
Any way,
Why don’t we just class every second as a birthday,
because were getting older every second.


I had a dream once that I was in a - It is about my mum .. I was in sweat n I cried in my sleep .. Pillow sheet was wet , I dashed out of my room n check on my mum , phew - what a bloody nightmare that freaked me out. If I lose her , Idk what to do n where to go too :'(

But Sian , birthday is meant to be special coz that's the day you get to see the world , the first day of your birth Sweetie .. How about letting some lights to pass through the blackness ? (;


A vary,vary,sad Poem is this one !!!!!!!!!! .............

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