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Just for fun labels......... (I HATE LABELS) - Get HAPPY

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What would you be if we used labels on a washing machine to discribe yourself?

•Heavy Duty: Choose this cycle for sturdy items such as jeans and towels or for very soiled laundry. If your machine doesn’t have a separate cycle for “whites,” “bulky” or “sheets,” then use this cycle for those items as well.

•Bulky: Use this setting for large or bulky items such as blankets, comforters and sleeping bags. This cycle will soak items first to thoroughly saturate a large load and maintain the load balance to prevent damage to the machine.

•Whites: Select this setting for white garments such as T-shirts, underwear and socks. Machines that have a “whites” cycle will dispense liquid bleach at the proper time.

•Sheets: Pick this setting for sheets, pillowcases, light blankets and throws to keep them from balling up during the wash.

•Normal: Choose this setting for normally soiled cottons and mixed fabrics.

•Permanent Press/ Wrinkle Free/ Wrinkle Control: Go to this setting for permanent press and other no-iron fabrics to keep the wrinkle-free properties intact.

•Darks/Colors: Choose this setting for colored fabrics to help prevent fading.

•Steam: Pick this cycle to quickly remove wrinkles and odors to refresh garments without having to go through an entire wash cycle.

•Sanitary/ Allergen Removal: Choose this cycle to remove up to 99.9 percent of common bacteria and allergens from garments.

•Delicates: Use this setting for delicate or fragile machine-washable items such as lingerie, bathing suits and washable lace curtains.

•Hand Wash: Choose this setting for hand-washable items; the lower speed will help protect the garments during the wash cycle.

•Washable Wool: Opt for this setting for washable wool items such as sweaters, hats, scarves and socks that are not marked “dry clean only.” This cycle will clean wool while helping prevent stretching.

•Rapid Wash/ Speed Wash: Choose this setting to quickly wash small, lightly soiled loads that you need in a hurry

•Rinse and Spin: Use this setting for loads that don’t require detergent, as this cycle will only rinse and spin garments.


I never like labels. I don't understand why there are labels or being tagged ? Only pricing will be tagged .. We are people with emotions n we are not goods .. IDC - I am just me .. I am who I am ..

IDC who my friends are , I respect them too of who they are.

And my name Is Ella (:


Ella I'm putting you in Delicates or maybe Hand Wash hehehe just cos I want to
(hand wash you that is)


haha (blushing) lol Okay k .. Aww I know you want to xx heehee


This is a blast from the past.
So boys and girls if I was to put you it the washer what should I set the cycle at?
Are you heavy duty or delicate or something in between?


G-d help me, Carol. You'll have to set me at Wrinkle Free at this point, though I'm a-hankerin' for a good Hand Wash cycle.


I think i'd have to be in the dark/colors cycle because I don't want any of my inner joy, humor, compassion or love to fade. I would want to remain a bright source for others always!



I think the wash labels that describe my personality are, White Wash, because I am sheet white in color, combined with permanent press, because I am wrinkle free, with a speed wash to follow, as I am always on the move.

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