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Three women die at the same time in an accident, and find themselves at the gates of Heaven.

St. Peter is there, waiting for them, and greets them by saying
"Hello ladies, here in Paradise, we have only one rule:-one must never step on a duck."
He then lets the three ladies into Paradise.

There are ducks EVERYWHERE! It is almost impossible to move without stepping on one.

The three are extremely careful, but one of them accidentally steps on a duck.

Immediately, St. Peter arrives with a horribly ugly man, and attaches him to the offending woman, saying, "Your punishment for having stepped on a duck, is to be attached to this ugly man for all eternity.

The other two women, having witnessed everything, are even more prudent than ever. However, a second woman also accidentally steps on a duck.

St. Peter arrives once more with an even uglier man and he attaches them together. He says, "Your punishment for having stepped on a duck is to be attached to this ugly man for all eternity".

The third woman never wants herself to be found in such a horrible position. She successfully manages to avoid stepping on a duck for more than a month, when suddenly, St Peter arrives with the most handsome man she has ever laid eyes on, and attaches them together.

Tall, muscular, well tanned, he was simply perfect.

She turns to the man, and says, "I wonder what I have done to be rewarded like this by being attached to you for all eternity?"

The man replies, "I can't speak for you, but I stepped on a duck."


Ha,ha,ha. Yes that`s Funny. lol xxxxxxx



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