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Has this ever happened to you? - Lesbian Ladies

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I was in my class today and overhearing two girls talking about gay rights in particuler marriage. Basically saying they were against it and it was "wrong". What upset me those is one of those girls was a friend. Not my best mate but still a friend. It kinda hurt for me to hear how she thought about me and that Gays shouldn't have the same rights as evryone else. She is not a bad person or a mean person but it still surprised me. I know there is still a lot of prejudice going on against homosexuals etc but I never expected it to come from her. I know it is not a major issue and people would have experienced worse but it still bother me. Has anyone else experienced something similar?


that hasnt really happened to me but on a regular occasion ive got people telling me they have no problem with homosexuals but then when they start talking bout marriage they say it just isnt right for two people of the opposite sex to get married. and what really annoys me is when im at work and the women say no offence before they say something bout homosexuality i reckon i take more offence when they say that.and wat ive learnt bout my friends is that is that they dont think before they speak. she probably didnt meen it in a nasty way


unfortunately we still are in the ignorance era in the millennium.
i lost so many so called friends when the "dime of me being homo"
and gained new friends who share the same lifestyle.

some friends that where like it doesn't matter to me if gays marry
once they knew i was
were rudely against marriage
but in the other hand many were like they should be married...
after all let them fuck up their life too why do st8 ppl get to do so {his not very the marriage type guy}
and some agreed minus the fuck up part lol

but yeah it gets hurtful to hear, its like a quick stinging whip &gt.&lt
like ummm so if i marry a women beater it would be ok cause he is a guy?
but i can't marry a gal who cherish and respects me for who i am?

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