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so I haven't titled it, and its kind of awkwardly worded, but i just wrote it, and it was kind of the spur of the moment feeling. I'm actually not going through anything, it's just how i write

My heart ripped out of my chest,
left to slowly wither, crumble and die.
I feel my body implode, and I grab
my chest, the hole left from your distruction.

Screams leave my mouth and bounce off the
blood smeared walls. I call for you, each word
off my tongue and over my lips leaving a shearing
pain down my spine.

My hands scape the floor, reaching for the exit,
but I go no where. They reach for my rib case, ripping
out my inerds. I'll leave you to pick up the pieces.

There's nothing left of me. Nothing left to see.
My body bleeds for you, my bones ache for you,
and I wait dying in the silence; dying for your love.


I like it!!


This is so Saw I,II,III,IV and V as a love story. But it evokes a self-destructive passion that is central to the teenage life experience.

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