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Gender Male
Age 49
Status Single
Orientation Gay
Zodiac sign Aries

About me

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I am a spontaneous random poof who is bags of fun,
I am frendly & very open-minded ..
plese try not to fall in love with me straight away,
Cos I am just lookin for fun & stuff,
i wanna hav a laugh with other guys before I allow anyone to love me.
If ya fancy me then just say so ,
BUT I aint intrested in marryin ya, you gotta undastand sumfing,
I guess ya cud say thet I am one of those guys who is playing
HARD TO GET, dus ya get me ?
SO dont get moody on me if I dont wanna fall in love with you or wish to move in with you, straight away!!!
I bet that you is finkin thet I am a moody git aint ya Huh???
Well maybe I am, but hey ho,
I am a manly macho guy who speaks his mind
Btw dus ya fancy playin a GAME OF POOL with me for SUM DARES mmm,
but if I win then I get to do wotevr I liek wiv U & there wud be nuffin that you cud do about it , but plese dont play me wen I am drunk cos I am not a very good shot & I tend to miss a lot lol
ANYWAY thats enuff about me,
now tell me gives you…

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