Personal details

Gender Male
Age 37
Status Not single
Height 177cm
Weight 118kg
Body shape Chubby
Position Top
Orientation Gay
Safer Sex Never
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Redhead
Hair length Medium
Beard Beard
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Country of origin USA
Nationality American
Personality Extroverted
Religion Other
Identity Bear
How out Out to some
Pubic Hair Natural
Body Hair Very Hairy
Circumcised Cut
Cock Length 18cm
Cock Width 6cm
Zodiac sign Pisces
Glasses Yes
Smoker No
Tattoos No
Piercings No
Disability No

About me

I’m looking for:

  • Chat
  • Friendship
  • One Night Stand / Ho
  • Friends with Benefit
  • Other


Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my profile!

*If you don't read the profile, then don't be shocked or surprised when you hit a bit of an incompatibility wall at an awkward moment. I am what I am and its detailed below.

I’m 36 years old, born March 4, 1981.

I'm on here looking for any of the following: Friends, Friends With Benefits, Fuckbuddies, subs, slaves, pups, bottoms.

Not looking for: love, romance, boyfriend, or husband. Sorry guys. Hate to shatter any dreams, but if you're ready for the shocker, I'm now off the market for love, romance, boyfriend, or husband. In my new pics you'll see my 'bubba' bear, Dave. I was one who didn't believe in love at first sight, but we had such an unbelievable instant unfathomable connection! It's been mindblowing! The last thing I was looking for in life wound up popping out of nowhere and I am glad he did. Life has been far brighter ever since i found him!

He and I do not base our love on sex, so yes I am still free to have casual sex as I always have had. He is also accepting of me as an Owner/ Master of subs/slaves, and my developing household. So subs, still feel free to approach, same as guys just lookin for some primal or friendly fun in the sheets!

As of May 2016, I am now your friendly neighborhood Uber bear in Hampton Roads (primarily Williamsburg). Been doing weekends primarily but occasionally do during the week. Been fun and interesting so far!

I’m 5’8”, I am currently around 270lbs, 32% Body fat. 44” waist, 58” chest. Little over 7”c, decently thick, big head. Auburn/red/brown hair, full beard. Yes Ginger, but more of a "daywalker" if you get the reference! hehe

I’m a solid/stocky/growing muscle bear.

I’m what some subs consider an Alpha Dom. I am also a total top, 100%.

I am very laid back, friendly, easy to approach, easy to get comfortable with and even easier to get along with! I am also strong, protective, helpful, and naturally dominant. If you’re shy, don’t be, say hello, I respond to all.

I am a Super Huge Geek. Star Wars is my big thing, get to know me you'll find out just how big. Also love movies, computer gaming, music, theme parks, walking, working out, warm weather, sex, hanging out, hot tubbing, parties (preferably with me DJ'ing), conventions, and more!

Perfectly comfortable in my own skin. However health reasons have urged the necessity to hit the gym, I do nothing half-assed so I’m hitting it hard! I work out 5x a week. My aim is to continue to get bigger muscle wise while trimming just a little bit off the waist. Aim is approx. 24-28% body fat, 36-38” waist.

The health reasons? I’m a Crohn’s patient, diagnosed in 2012. What is Crohn’s? Inflammation of the intestinal walls in short. I also have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Sleep Apnea, and deal with various joint and nerve issues such as Carpal Tunnel n such. I also deal with Lymphedema which is the swelling of my lymph nodes due to the lymphatic system not draining the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is what transports a lot through your body like white blood cells and so forth to infected areas and such. This causes my legs and in fact my entire body to some small degree to swell but mostly in the legs where fluid gets trapped. The Lymphedema was a 2015 discovery. In 2016 I had a gamma globulin deficiency develop and am on monthly infusions to keep that from being a problem. I deal with seasonal allergies, so every time the season changes I have issues. Had a short battle with Low testosterone but that has been corrected finally! I’ve been through 2 surgical procedures, nothing major. These health reasons combined however create a list of needs that prevent me from finding full time work.

As a result, yes, that means I am very tight budgeted, all the trips I take are often work related or regular (annual) trips I have been taking for many years. My destinations on those trips are Manheim, PA; Atlanta, GA; Chantilly, VA; Richmond, VA; Roanoke, VA; Virginia Beach, VA. Would love to be able to afford to travel more!

I am self employed as a DJ in my own Mobile Entertainment business (yes I am the owner as well), I do weddings, parties, birthdays, school dances, etc. I also do conventions, biggest one has been DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. It’s over Labor Day Weekend each year and I’ve been a con DJ for it since 2010! Also do conventions closer to home. Ideally would love to be a fully paid Convention DJ eventually but time will tell on that one!

What am I looking for on here? Friends, Friends with benefits, guys just wanting benefits, subs, pretty open to see who I meet and such! Also not insistent on anything either, so for example if you’re not into kinky stuff, don’t worry it’s not a must with me, it’s an option!

*I will say this and do it as gently as possible, I am not really attracted to black guys sexually. There have been a few exceptions, after all there are exceptions to almost every rule. If you are an exception you will know. Sorry, this is just a sexual preference, and that’s all it is.

I have very loose age and body type preferences. Age is really just a number to me, my only hang up is if you look too much like you could be grandpa to me, that’s a bit of a turnoff. Body type, don’t care except on 2 extremes. First, don’t be so thin I can feel your bones and rib cage. That makes me worried I’m going to hurt you or crush you because I am not a small guy. Second, don’t be so heavy that I can’t get my dick in your ass to fuck you. In between those 2 extremes you will find there is A LOT of leeway.

As for types, I do not really have a specific type. I tend to be drawn towards individuals. Who you are attracts me more than what you look like. In most cases that is accompanied by some physical attribute I am drawn to.

About me in the “private setting”:

As I said before I’m a total top. Translation: I do not suck dick, nor do I bottom/ get fucked. No exceptions on these. I do not suck because I hate the taste of seminal fluids (cum & pre-cum). I do not bottom because first I am not interested, and second it would worsen my case of Crohn’s and IBS.

I am open to everything else though: kissing, body contact, nipples, pits, rimming, and I love to fuck. Very good with virgins and guys who haven’t had it in a while.

I now am practically 100% bareback. Due to my health conditions I perform better raw, I take great care to make sure I remain disease free despite this, and as a total top, been over 6 years now and still disease free here so my habits are working just fine. I get tested at least 5x's more than the average guy and for everything not just HIV.

As a Dom, I am open to a wide range of things. Once again it’s not required, I am perfectly fine with and sometimes more than happy with just vanilla naked man 2 naked man sex. For those who have a submissive streak or are subs… some of the things I tend to get into are: bondage, discipline, humiliation, water sports, nipple torture, cbt, sensory deprivation, spankings, whippings, milking, and so on. Into something not listed? Ask, I probably am… Not into women, kids, blood, super extreme insane stuff that most doms would even find too crazy. As a side note subs if you’re looking for more than a hookup or occasional encounter, talk to me.
I’ve been an active Dom/Master for 12 years now.
I have been an Owner since 2011. (I'll update and detail further soon)

I am very well tested, I get COMPLETE disease testing on a regular basis, from December 2011 – December 2013 it was on a monthly basis, now it’s more like every 6-10 weeks. I am completely disease free.

If you got through all of this congrats and thank you for reading it all!

Bear code: B5 dc—e f g k q—r s w


I'm a total top, I'm very tactile

I'm also a Dom and an Owner

my desire/fantasy is to finally put my household together and live in it from here on out, just me, my husband and my subs. gives you…

...tons of hot guys and interesting people to meet up with in James City. If you prefer to see who's around, do some ‘window shopping’ first. If you know what you want, search by selecting the right category. Nobody stays alone here for long!

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I'm a total top, I'm very tactile

I'm also a Dom and an Owner

my desire/fantasy is to finally put my household together and live in it from here on out, just me, my husband and my subs.
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