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Gender Transwoman
Age 35
Status Single
Orientation Bisexual
Zodiac sign Cancer

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hi i'm gerry i'm bi/slightly gay boy and i like to have fun in my
life, the first thing that i can say about myself is that i'm cross
dresser and i'm really proud of it, i like to wear make-up and act
more girly and actually in my opinion make up is not only for girls
and it's doesn't know any gender and in the future there will be
no more guys and girls, i like thongs and g-strings and lingerie
a lot (even more than boyish undies) i'm a freak ;P, actually i like
women clothes more than man's clothes it's make me feel like
freedom in clothing i'm not confused with my gender, i'm really
interested in friend ship with all kind of people who under stand
people like me, i love my body as a male bodied person , but i have
an inner girl, so i can't hide my sissy side and i don't want to
hide it you can call me girl or boy that's your choice it's not
important i'm a sex freak you can be my friend and i like to have
sex with cute guys lovely girls and i think (i mean in my opinion)
being trans


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