Similar preferences as gay treffpunkte

A well aimed bit of hot wax dropped on your partner’s body can really heighten the intensity at those crucial moments. Choose your candles carefully and the range you drop the wax from: the higher up the less hot it. Make sure you judge the temperature carefully, and know how much the other person can take. Start gently, experiment. Body hair can be problematic - removing all that congealed wax is going to be painful, to say the least. And obviously avoid the more sensitive areas - a singed bell end and labia isn’t the way to go.
Gay people have always had a more relaxed attitude to pornography than heterosexuals. Perhaps it’s to do with people associating porn with secrecy and shame – and the often hidden lives that gays have had to live in the past. And, of course, without sex education in schools it’s often been how we’ve learnt about what to put where. In any case, Gay porn is everywhere now. Stream it online for free, watch it with a lover, tune into some live Cam Sex shows or – best of all in the age of the Smartphone – create your own celluloid masterpiece. The opportunities are endless.
No, not the kind of heavy breathers who pester you with dirty phone calls, but a type of BDSM play centred on restricting a partner’s air flow to increase sexual pleasure. The dangers speak for themselves: messing about with your breathing can be very dangerous, and obviously the goal is not to strangle the other person. Lots of care and practice is somewhat essential here. It can all get very extreme, with plastic bags being placed over heads and then dunked into water (just one example that may freak some out!) – so know exactly what you’re getting into.
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