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The best of both worlds, according to some, or lousy both ways, according to others, a versatile sexual partner is happy being either a top or a bottom. He switches depending on their mood. Imagine meeting the perfect partner only to find out they're a top only when you’re the same. Disaster! But these infuriatingly unique gay first world problems don’t bother the versatile gay. Some versatile people have a preference for either fucking or being fucked, doing one more than the other. Others love each equally – and the world is full of opportunities!
This is the active partner in anal sex for men. There are lots of preconceptions about what a top look likes. Porn tells you he’s usually a muscled hulk, but in truth tops come in all shapes and sizes. He can be a big butch plumber or the young camp guy who’s been dancing to Kylie Minogue all night in the bar. Being a good top is as much about technique as it as about size.
In simple mechanics this is the person who allows a penis or dildo to be placed into his arse in anal sex. As with tops, bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. You may assume the muscle queen you’ve had your eye on is the rough top of your dreams when in reality his legs go up with a fluency of their own. Bottoms may be known as the ‘passive’ partners, but often they are anything but – they learn to work the muscles in their arses to take control of sex. ‘Power bottoms’ are frequently more dominant than the tops!
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