Hi sweety!
I can be your friend, your lover, your man, your king, your everything! I am a mature man and I know what I want. I think I have a strong personality, but I am kind and sweet. I enjoy spending time with people I love, also I like being active. I seek and enjoy deeper conversation,i also like listening to and trying to understand another's perspective or the path that has led them to see the world as they do.I find time to be in nature backpacking and escaping the distractions of every day living.I enjoy spending time with friends,slow walk around town,jogging,movies,plays,various events,traveling,finding new places to eat as well as relaxing nights at home reading or playing board games.I am an introvert,spend a great amount of my time thinking.I'm looking for a partner to share life with who embrace emotions,is comfortable,laughing,crying and connecting with another person on an emotional,spiritual and physical level.A partner who can share there thoughts,opinions on things and life and can also appreciate others thoughts and opinions rather they are the same or different.
Sex & Hookups18 to 45 years ● 150km around USA, Indianapolis one year ago

Similar preferences as bin 45 suche ein live treffenblase gernd und würde sehr gerne m

There is, as they say, a fine line between pain and pleasure – and this is what sadomasochism or S&M is built upon. The sadist gets off on giving the pain, while the masochist likes receiving it. You have a dominant partner and a submissive one and it’s all playing with ideas of control and power. You can practice it in a specialist LGBT club or between the two of you at home or at planned parties with others. Everyone has their own kinks, some more extreme than others. Just make sure it’s consensual and know what you’re getting yourself into.
Long gone are the times that LGBT would carefully - and often secretly - wrap prints of themselves in brown envelopes and send them in the mail to guys or girls they’d been corresponding with through coded, classified ads. Now anyone can send a photo of absolutely any part of they anatomy via apps and instant online messaging services. Some say this has taken all imagination and mystery out of encounters; others love the titillation. Whatever way you look at it, searching for that prize dick or pussy hasn’t become that different from buying a house: we can all see what we’re getting in advance.
The great thing about water is that other people can’t see what you’re getting up to beneath the surface. There’s something about the sea crashing against your quivering thighs which brings you closer to nature, allowing you to explore that primitive side and any new number of different movements and sensations. Needless to say, safety should be a consideration here: don’t get out of your depth in some dark hidden lake. Baths and swimming pools (preferably private) are perhaps the obvious places to start – and those hot tub parties on sweltering days can get particularly lively.
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