Looking for an intimate sexual friendship
Nothing special to say or describe. A married, bottom man in his 55, looking for a younger guy for NSA relationship. Love them tall, robust and hairy but, that's not written in stone! Love intimacy, good manners and washed clean guys!!
Love & Relationships20 to 40 years ● 25km around Greece, Athens 3 years ago
L.O.V.E- A Game of Our Heart's Desire
Every gay/bisexual/transgender guy in this planet dreams of having a perfect life with the 'perfect man', well I'm one of them. I know i am too young to say this but, "LOVE IS A SHITTY GAME". How could i say it that way, well simply because i had a small taste of love- Many times! Everything starts by Choosing/Searching, and when you hit the Bingo! you enter the game of love. You play it and then you lose it. But losing it doesn't mean not being happy, it's just that along the process and besides the feeling of happiness despair always comes next, and it is up to us if we just surrender and falteri n failure or fight for the love that you have and win the game! So for me that is L-O-V-E. To start odff about me, Well...I'm just a simple young guy, and i love Men! winks Men for me is my inspiration, they give me unexplainable happiness and desires in life that not even me could describe( i'm not just talking about sex HAHAHHA if that's what you're thinking). For me "MY MAN" gives me the good vibe of pushing through the day each and every day and finish it in a hot bath with him and cuddle after in the bed(this could be you! HAHAHAHAH). I can describe 'MY MAN" as someone with a good body, hot sexy beard, tall, kind, polite, loving, caring, sweet, ADVENTUROUS! etc... Soo are you up for me? HAHAHAHAHAH winks End
Love & Relationships18 to 26 years Philippines, Indangan 3 years ago
Lonely Guy Looking for companionship
Looking for a companion who is accepting and not judgemental, preferably hairy with facial hair, preferably white, around 45-65 and love life, compassionate and dont sleep around, love outdoors, romantic dinners and just enjoying life
Love & Relationships45 to 70 years ● 25km around South Africa, Johannesburg 3 years ago
Looking for Mr. Right, the right one for me!
I hope to definitely find a guy who can be a emotionally stable person, someone who is able to empathize with me, and yet be able to deal with me when I am emotional at some times. I am a creative person, and so I hope to find someone who is like me, who can enjoy all kinds of music, is able to accept that I am not religious, but consider myself to be Spiritual. I also am going to let you know that if you are a blonde haired guy, you automatically are higher in my priority list just fyi, I don't know why, but all kinds of blonde haired guys really appeal to me I also like to have someone who enjoys romance and reading and writing as the same as I. I can feel things very deeply and so I can get in love very hard when I fall in love with someone. I hope that Mr. Right is out there and if you are reading this, then shoot me a message and let's talk and chat, and maybe see what happens after that :)
Love & Relationships19 to 29 years ● 25km around USA, Arnold 2 years ago
Is there a hope ?
I am always asking my self this question !! is there any hope to live the life I seek with the person who I want without fear ?? being in a very conservative community where homosexuality is forbidden and against culture making homosexual's life more difficult. When I was a teenager, I found huge difficulties to accept my self as a gay guy cos of the influence of the society and the way I was raised. It took me awhile to come out to my straight friends and my Twin brother and I am lucky that they accept but they ask me to keep it between us. nowadays, I live my life as any normal guy, I am doing master degree in oil sector, I go out clubbing and getting known new people. I do still have my own world (gay life) which is kind of not obvious friends. I had one relationship and it did last for 3 years and half ,, he was my life ,, I loved him so much but unfortunately it did not continue for some reasons. I I would like to have the feeling of love again and I hope find it here. I am just looking for a decent, caring and understandable gay to have a happy life together.
Love & Relationships18 to 40 years ● 200km around UK, Dundee 6 months ago
Looking for a LTR
I am a matured gay Bottom seeking a younger or older partner who is preferably TOP I am living in the East Croydon Area .Any nationality,must be well built or slim athletic, I like smooth or hairy guys.I am very tactile and romantic .I love cooking reading, Travel and the theatre.Non-smoker, but a Social drinker.,partner should be the same.
Love & Relationships25 to 55 years ● 25km around UK, London 6 months ago
Looking for a guy to get along with
Hey. Not sure what o put here. Been single for about a year now and think its time i got back out there. I work full time at a hotel in salford and live to go out and get drunk on my days off. Like funny guys who arnt afraid to be a bit of a fool. Thats all i can think of haha
Love & Relationships18 to 27 years ● 25km around UK, Salford 6 months ago
Looking forward to seeing what happens
I'm full of love and i want to share it with someone who deserves it.I'm over blaming myself for what my ex partners have done in the past.It's a new day and I'm ready to find the right guy to make me whole once again.I don't have a type, if i like you i like you and if i like you, you are pretty special.I'm house trained, cook and love to cuddle and relax with a handsome man.
Love & Relationships24 to 60 years ● 100km around UK, Gloucester 6 months ago
I wanna have fun
I looking for somebody nice. I'm a good person, who make good relationship. and I am real discrete and I love my personal life. we can start as a friend and if there interest maybe we can settle down and have a little fun.
Love & Relationships33 to 48 years ● 25km around USA, San Juan 3 years ago
You never know what you will find
6ft, solidy built type of guy Tall (6 ft/ 183cm) , dark (olive light skin) and handsome (well I think I am lol) with a wicked smile hehe lmao Shy at first but I do open up very quickly (hmmm does that sound wrong haha) I love my family and I am very support of my friends Down to Earth type of guy who likes to laugh a lot and if you can make me laugh you are the right type of guy for me lol Honest, open and confident of who I am and how I look and yes I am still working on myself as I know I am not perfect and I do not expect you to be one too. I love travelling, I love a goodnight in or out... If I have pecked your interest just a little bit do not be shy to send a message and we can take it from there.
Love & Relationships18 to 45 years ● 25km around New Zeland, Otara 3 years ago
Are you the one?
I'm funny but can be serious as well. I would love to feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I love my grandchildren and my boys even though they are adults. All I want is to settle down with the love of my life and that's all that matters. We could go travelling around Australia now and then if that's what you would like. I love animals, the country and the sea. I would love to have my love to be totally honest with me. No-one is perfect even me, lol. Someone who shows her feelings, be loving to me as I would to you. If we have a spat don't hold on to it, we sort it out before we go to sleep.
Love & Relationships35 to 60 years ● 25km around Australia, Warrandyte South 4 years ago
looking for cute guy
looking for guy that have cute face, nice body and fun personality :) You need to enter at least 200 characters. You need to enter at least 200 characters. You need to enter at least 200 characters.
Love & Relationships18 to 23 years Croatia, Zagreb 4 years ago
well hello... just down to eart guy here.
I am always confused when asked to write something in this box. lets start chat see how it goes :3 I am fun i promise I am an artist, an activist and just a normal guy really. I live in Georgia eastern europe. in the city near the sea. I like sun and cuddling. :v
Love & Relationships25 to 40 years ● 25km around UK, London 6 months ago
the guy that i wanna meet
i am hoping to find a guy who is open minded ,loveable and always reply my chat . i don't mind how he looks . i just want him to be nice and kindhearted. don't be shy and just send me a message......
Love & Relationships18 to 25 years Malaysia, Alor Setar Beg berkunci 4 years ago
Tired being alone? So am I...
My hope is to find someone who is kind, supportive, takes an interest in me, and someone I can talk to about anything. I am a very nice and caring person with a great sense of humor. I laugh, I cry, I empathize and I love. People tell me let love find you, well if I don't look for it, it's never going to find me. I love music karaoke, dancing, bowling, Billiards, watching movies together and just holding someone who is happy to hold me too.
Love & Relationships18 to 45 years ● 25km around USA, South Lyon 2 years ago
looking for a long term relationship!
Hello guys. I'm looking for a long term relationship! I like mild and kind guys. I think I'm a sincere guy and love hiking, running, traveling etc. It would be awesome if I could enjoy it together!
Love & Relationships25 to 39 years ● 200km around USA, Sacramento 2 years ago
Mature men only!
Hi guys. I am a mature man and is ready for a friendship/relationship with someone who is mature. I am not interested in chancers or twinks. If you are under 35 years old, I am not interested. Please communicate with me. Although I do not believe in long distance relationships, a friendly chat over a distance may be appropriate. I am not a mobile phone company - please don't try and upgrade yourself or finances with me. Heart to heart! That is what I am interested in.
Love & Relationships35 to 54 years ● 500km around South Africa, Bloemfontein 4 years ago
bottom boy that need a dominant man
I am a bottoboy looking 4 a top who can dominate and controll me. I love sucking and swallowing.well I am 5 foot 9 inches/ white/ brown hair/ brown eyes/ glass/ goatee/ nice fat round booty/ 6 inches cut dick.
Love & Relationships25 to 45 years USA, Glenwood 2 years ago
Love & Relationships18 to 35 years ● 25km around India, Kolkata University 4 years ago
Trans girl looking for love
Hi, I'm educated and work full time. I live 24/7 as a woman, and consider myself to be a woman. I Guess I'm a bit old fashioned in that I think the man is the leader in the relationship. I live alone on a private acreage block and love gardening and also photography.
Love & Relationships40 to 60 years ● 100km around Australia, Belli Park 4 years ago
Seeking Jar of Hearts
I'm adventurous, sporty but not athletic, I love pets and I have sense of humor. I am student taken up BSHRM and shifts to BSBA. In terms of what I am looking for the right guy, I am looking for a nice guy with a kind hearted and have a sense of humor, and we got the same interest. A guy who willing to meet me and love me for real and maybe will get married haha. I am not looking for a perfect one but perfect enough to be my future husband. So that's it everyone are welcome to enter my love desires
Love & Relationships18 to 58 years Philippines, Apopong 4 years ago
Good guy here for younger
I'm David, in South Florida, I'm 36, looking for guys ages 18-30 for friends or more. I love Paintball and all sorts of things. There's a lot more to me than what I can type on here so if you are a young guy that likes older guy, hit me up!
Love & Relationships18 to 31 years ● 100km around USA, Lake Worth 2 years ago
Attention Grabbing Headline
I might be looking for you. You might be looking for me. I'm looking for a much younger guy that's level headed with a GSH. I'm not in perfect shape. Swimmer's body, tho. Nowadays I use a cane to get around outside the house. Although I'm living in northern Maine now, in the next couple of months I hope to be living in Phoenix, AZ. Wanna go with me?
Love & Relationships ● not older than 45 years ● 200km around USA, Bangor 2 years ago

Similar preferences as nice guy feeling alone and xx

His facial hair is impeccable; his pubic hair is trimmed to within an inch of its life; his legs are waxed like a Brazilian model; and even his eyebrows are plucked into the most perfect caterpillars. You can’t take your eyes off him as he saunters along the street in the latest designer gear, on his way to the gym where he’ll undertake the usual daily workout, which leaves most athletes looking lame. But today none of this means he’s gay. The term metrosexual, first used by Mark Simpson in 1994, is the single guy with plenty of disposable income, beloved by the consumer market. Look but don’t touch.
Gone are the days when each house had just one phone stationed in the hallway. Wipe screen mobiles mean you can have (handsfree) phone sex where ever you want. LGBT phone sex lines have always been a quick way for guys and girls to off load. Grunt, groan, scream the house down (after ensuring flat mates are out), talk utter filth, indulge in every conceivable type of foreplay imaginable, hang up and move on without even getting a name - easy and wonderfully uncomplicated. Just avoid using your work phone - or if you really have to, at least withhold your number.
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