Im into a real relatuonship im singal been singal for 7 years because i was not ready. But now i am for a relationship the type of guy im looking for is someone who is respectful that loves me and treat me faithfully and that cares and supoort me also who will have time to come and see me when i need him impirtant.
Love & Relationships18 to 22 years ● 25km around USA, Hidalgo one year ago
I will treat my man like no other
Looking for something serious with a male , if it becomes more than that...great. Ltr.not looking for hook ups, I'm here for a nice guy that wants to make a relationship work. I'm into anything safe interests include a long jerking off session with a hot guy, getting and giving massage, edging, and big cocks.
Love & Relationships42 to 63 years ● 500km around USA, Aaron one year ago
Hi guys! I'm 16. I'm going through the point of life where I'm confused about my Sexuality. It tears me apart from the inside. I hope I find someone who can help me and heal me with love here. I'm sure I'll find someone here And I really don't care if you love thousands if miles away. ❤❤????????
Love & Relationships18 to 25 years India, K.P.West one year ago
Great Southeast Christian Guy!
I would like to meet some other guys who care more about what's on the inside, than what's on the outside. Where's the good guys who are looking for something more substantial. I'm new here - hoping to be surprised. :)
Love & Relationships21 to 35 years ● 100km around USA, Davidson one year ago
Older Daddy Type Seeking Son.Type
Hi guys I Am an older daddy type of guy seeking a son type for companionship, friendship and love. I have many interests, too many to list here. I am average looking, a bigger guy but trying to lose weight for better health, looks and such do not matter to me just be yourself is all I ask. I am attracted to romantic guys who enjoys kisses cuddling and holding hands, some of my favorite guys are redheads, blonds , hispanic and Asians, but don't let that stop you from saying hi. Sexually I prefer to bottom but will still please you.
Love & Relationships20 to 29 years ● 25km around USA, Grand Rapids one year ago
Looking for you
Searching for a soulmate, are you the 1? I am looking for a good guy who is looking for something more. Hopeless Romantic Bottom. Anything else about me is for open for discussion if you are interested. If you think we could be a match, please send me a message.
Love & Relationships21 to 45 years ● 100km around USA, Lauderdale one year ago
i am looking for honest guy
I'm an adventuresome, hardworking, curious and kind person. My current priority is my career, my health and fitness. I'm a devoted person on the weekends. I would appreciate that you do check your email often so as to make our communication stronger until we meet ourselves. I have been lonely
Love & Relationships40 to 91 years ● 25km around USA, Miami one year ago
love that is real and natural
i am an ordinary guy who is looking for love that is real.i want a guy who is proud of who he is and is not ashamed to let the world know who he is and will do all he can to stand by the ones he love ...
Love & Relationships36 to 55 years USA, New York (Manhattan) one year ago
dont really understand why I have to love som
tbh, there r lots of concepts about relationships and loves in my mind. I understand why people sometimes need to be loved or wanna share their love cuz I had the same feeling. therefore, im not capable to keep the passion of love. also I HAVE really srs trust issue so i can be paranoid whenever I feel unsafe.
Love & Relationships ● not older than 30 years ● km around New Zeland, Andersons Bay one year ago
intelligent older looking for masculine young
I am a retired lawyer (and would-be author) living in Colorado, looking for a younger guy (18 to 35ish) who, ideally, is serious about a relationship. I'm also open to relationships that are just for fun, as long as we are clear about our intentions. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs or have any disease. I am reliable, secure, loving, and very affectionate and passionate. Sexually, I am not a top (not Greek active), but I enjoy everything else. I'm 5' 8", 175 pounds, and fairly muscular. I recognize there may be issues about distance, but I can travel. I don't mind finding my guy at a distance, but I think we can work out a way to live together if the relationship works.
Love & Relationships ● not older than 31 years ● km around USA, Boulder one year ago
Young4Mature Looking for love
I am awaiting for a man that is fun loving and spontaneous. Some other features I am looking for include: independence, sense of humor, career driven and trustworthy. A Relationship requires effort by each collaborator. Honest communication is vital for me and the willingness to make certain compromises better the relationship. Really important: a guy whose profile does not include a shirtless photo or a photo of him with his car. Not really my type!. I am awaiting for a man that is confident. I like for a guy who likes to play but can keep it literal. Not being a team player. I’m awaiting for a man that is intelligent, funny, handsome, patient, responsible, loyal and that makes me feel safe. I like a guy that will surprise me every now and then. A man that will support me, yet still tell me if I’m incorrect and will want me to do the same for him.
Love & Relationships50 to 80 years UK, Warrington 6 months ago
Looking for a partner in life
I am a average guy looking for a LTR I love getting out and playing pool going for walks, movies and just enjoying life. I am ex. military work DT Halifax as a manager at Halifax Convention Center love my job. I have two male cats love them to death.
Love & Relationships30 to 45 years ● 100km around Canada, Halifax 3 years ago
Interracial Dating
go for what you want. I am a gamer and anime lover I like the outdoors (HATE BUGS) ill tell you What I'm looking for: the opposite then is a guy who enjoys cooking,the outdoors,hunting. (music preference has to include rock). Things a man could love and enjoy. Be yourself I'm supportive I don't care if he loves sports. Respectful. I'm VERSATILE. you can be a top or bottom it doesn't matter. I am looking for a man to enjoy life with and have a HELL OF AN ADVENTURE with. I play ps4 if you do game. No there's no preferred console you play cause I came from Xbox so it doesn't matter to me. IDEAL DATE: Candle lit dinner with rose petals all over the table and a path of petals leading to a far off campfire in the distance surrounded by woods and smoke in the air. A full moon view in the sky scattered clouds. Me and my date approach the table to start the night of something amazing. And then after dinners done we make our way over to the fire for cuddling and talking and evening activities. (I know a place) Me: I'm probably the guy your friends talk about is that nice guy that sits by himself and doesn't really hang around crowds too much. I'm a bundle of fun and it varies on the person I'm with if we click I'll probably be more talkative but nervous as well. I'm told I'm funny all the way to adorable. I'm a huge gamer, I mainly focus and play RPG's I don't like metro games much or games that are too comical I like to focus on the aspect of reality or warfare and scifi is great too. Games from skyrim to dragon age I love and from battlefield to yes ......call of duty ( not so much anymore with the new stuff but whatever the future holds I guess). Borderlands is cool too I could go on and talk about these things too. I love anime as well there's too many shows to list honestly cause I'm always in progress watching something. But anyways usually I'm a sweet guy I just don't want to have a one night stand or a friend with benefits or even a polygamous relationship I'm not into open relationships. I want someone to be mine and it scares a lot of dude but it's not like I'm asking for this all up front if it works it'll get there and if we are a match made in heaven then there shouldn't be anything to be afriad of. I'm out to everyone and I'm stil exploring myself and what makes me happy. Books: anything fantasy scifi or adventure with action everyone likes Harry Potter series Mortal instruments Rangers apprentice Sapphira Movies: I'm a huge nerd but I don't go see movies often I don't like to go alone nor watch alone so I don't see many often but hero movies or even sometimes chick flicks I like the best of both worlds "sometimes" White chicks Doom Bring it on Xmen The dark knight rises American pie The weekend Boys Few other gay movies Shows: Teen wolf, vampire diaries, Arrow, the flash, the 100, degrassi, awkward and that's just about all I can really think of for American/Canadian shows. Anime: Tokyo ghoul Bleach Full metal alchemist Future diary Naruto and naruto shippuden Dragon ball z Yu gi oh Angel beats To aru majutsu Railgun S Hunter x hunter The asterisk war 35th platoon The irregular student at Magic academy Toradora Attack on Titan Inuyasha Gintama Rwby Hundred Blast of tempest The list goes on and on seriously I mentioned music earlier and I love pop and post metal and alternative which to most seems like a odd mix but that's the only genre I listen to I hate country and rap. Not opposed to some others don't like hip hop either. R&B is okay. Too close to touch Paramore Sleeping with sirens There for tomorrow Nine lashes Tfk All time low Ariana grande Big time rush Breaking Benjamin Emarosa David archuleta Hikaru utada Linkin park Memphis May Fire Our last night Papa roach (some) RED we came as Romans (covers) Food I love food everyone does right? So here's my favorite starting with #1 being the best: Steak (any this is probably the fastest way to my heart, I love steak) Macaroni (I'm a sucker for those yellow noodles and cheesy goodness) Pasta salad (I love Italian food and if this isn't made by an Italian most likely it's gonna need more dressing.) Pizza (no it's number one but I sure as hell love it, no better Friday night friend than a fresh pizza) Crab legs ( I love seafood and nice legs and these go so well together except sometimes they're hairy bleh) You should message me if You're looking for actual love not just a fling or just a conversation to "see more" I understand the whole just looking checking you out thing. But most people don't understand what the random visit means so don't be shy to say a simple hi I won't bite ;)
Love & Relationships18 to 36 years ● 50km around USA, Trumbull 3 years ago
Looking for a LTR with a man who wants same
I'm the kinda of guy you may think about from time to time. You know the one that's willing to share his life and funny stories with you. The guy you want to come home to and have a big furry smooch with and a beer. The guy you can trust not to fuck around on you or take you for granted. Someone you can take to your family and be proud to have and brag about. Someone who is not a drunk, drug user, drama or who has baggage. A great kisser, cuddler, lover and friend. That's what I want to , so let's see where we o from here.
Love & Relationships45 to 65 years ● 25km around USA, Fresno 2 years ago
Genuine Romantic Guy Seeks Samiliar For LTR
I am professional, intelligent, articulate, fun loving, loyal, fun loving, outgoing and love enjoying new experiences. It would be nice to meet someone who is looking for the same thing. I am not interested in one night stands.
Love & Relationships45 to 60 years ● 100km around UK, Sunderland 6 months ago
Relationship Oriented..
I am a kind and fun-loving Guy who wishes to meet someone with those same qualities. I would like someone who is passionate about life and wants to take it to it's fullest, someone who cares about other people, someone who enjoys spending time with and showing affection to their partner, someone who likes to pamper and be pampered, and someone who likes to laugh. I know these are pretty big shoes to fill, but I bet there is someone out there who can.
Love & Relationships35 to 55 years USA, Hillsboro 2 years ago
Love & Relationships20 to 35 years India, Adoli 3 years ago
Looking for something real
I'm a decent and sentimental guy who is trying hard to find a real, loving, active guy to share a life with. I love the outdoors - hiking camping, horseback riding, sex in the woods, swimming, you name it, so long as it's outdoors. I also really enjoy good movies, and snuggling up with someone I care about to enjoy them together. Traveling and seeing the wonders of this world is high on my list of things I want to do with my partner. I want to make many, many wonderful, lasting memories.
Love & Relationships22 to 40 years ● 50km around USA, Monroe 3 years ago
I am a healthy, in shape, very good looking 48 year old beach boy with long dark blonde hair. I would like to meet other healthy, good looking in shape young guys between 18 & 35 for chat, fun, sex, friendship and possible LTR. Long hair is a definite plus.
Love & Relationships18 to 35 years ● 100km around USA, Satellite Beach 2 years ago
Just seeing if mr right is around
I'm a genuine, honest and caring guy looking for the same. I shy at first but soon overcome that, Working full time and looking after my horses takes a lot of my time but I'm looking now for someone to spend my life with. Love quiet nights in and walks with someone special. My mates keep telling me I need someone because I'm lovely haha so I thought it's about time I started looking. I'm crap at small talk but am happy to answer questions if you want to know anything just ask.
Love & Relationships30 to 45 years ● 25km around UK, Wigan 6 months ago
Just a girl looking for something worthwhile
I'm just someone who likes stars and I hope to find someone who is nice, caring, and respects me and my values. I'm quiet and shy but I would love to meet someone extroverted. I like being with outgoing people.
Love & Relationships18 to 19 years ● 100km around Canada, Duffield 3 years ago
Looking for a smart, fit, guys.
Hey I'm looking for smart, athletic guys for dates and see where it goes. It's kind of dumb that the site makes you choose between sex and love like they can't coexist, what's up with that. Anyway, I'm into guys who enjoy keeping fit and also are confident and independant thinkers. not really into people with superstitious belifes.
Love & Relationships18 to 30 years ● 25km around UK, Plymouth 6 months ago

Similar preferences as nice guy feeling alone and xx

His facial hair is impeccable; his pubic hair is trimmed to within an inch of its life; his legs are waxed like a Brazilian model; and even his eyebrows are plucked into the most perfect caterpillars. You can’t take your eyes off him as he saunters along the street in the latest designer gear, on his way to the gym where he’ll undertake the usual daily workout, which leaves most athletes looking lame. But today none of this means he’s gay. The term metrosexual, first used by Mark Simpson in 1994, is the single guy with plenty of disposable income, beloved by the consumer market. Look but don’t touch.
Gone are the days when each house had just one phone stationed in the hallway. Wipe screen mobiles mean you can have (handsfree) phone sex where ever you want. LGBT phone sex lines have always been a quick way for guys and girls to off load. Grunt, groan, scream the house down (after ensuring flat mates are out), talk utter filth, indulge in every conceivable type of foreplay imaginable, hang up and move on without even getting a name - easy and wonderfully uncomplicated. Just avoid using your work phone - or if you really have to, at least withhold your number.
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