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Twink is slang for a gay man who possesses that most celebrated and envited trait of being gay: youth in abundance. Usually aged between his late teens and early twenties, he is untouched by the ravages of time. The mucky business of life and its disappointments have yet to do their work. A star of the gay world, a Gay Twink radiates hope and vitality and is blessed with legions of admirers.
The term metrosexual was coined by British journalist Mark Simpson in the 1990s. Back then it was a new idea. But today these men are everywhere. Why? Because they're a product of hyper-consumer society. Meticulous about their appearance, metrosexuals shop until they drop. Imagine a male version of the girls in Sex and the City. This of course sounds suspiciously like most city-dwelling gay men. But a significant proportion of metrosexual men are straight. Or so they claim. At least some of the time.

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